The only sound you hear is your own breathing as you join Brett Seymour, underwater photographer, at Pearl Harbor as he hovers above the sunken hull of the USS Arizona – once a powerful part of 20th century U.S. Navy’s strike force now being renewed as a living reef in the 21st century. Move with Brett as he scans the big battleship guns silent for more than seven decades, now covered with sea life; and as he films as fish swim among gun turrets, open hatches and stair wells of the old battleship. Prepare to be moved as single drop of oil is seen escaping from the fuel tanks and slowly surfacing against the backdrop of blue sky and the white USS Arizona Memorial overhead. These oil droplets have bubbled up everyday for more than 70 years. The “Black Tears” are name that the survivors of the Arizona gave them as they remembered their 900 shipmates forever entombed on the ship. Try to use this 3-minute silent film as a meditation focus and then sharing your experience with us. See the Black Tears Video

Filmed and produced by Brett Seymour, National Park Service Submerged Resource Center.