Renewal At The Place of Black Tears

Hawaii’s best selling Pearl Harbor book dedicated in renewal and reconciliation. Renewal is the idea the architect, Alfred Preis, designed into the Memorial 50 years ago when he included his Tree of Life, universal symbol of renewal, into the structure. The “Black Tears” are the name the survivors of the USS Arizona first gave to the oil droplets bubbling up from the fuel tanks of their sunken ship as they remembered their 900 some shipmates forever entombed below.  An impressionist photographer’s interpretation of his up close look at the Black Tears. He tells the Pearl Harbor story of the decades since the battle with moving words from yesterday and vibrant pictures from today, blended through the healing “lens” renewal and reconciliation.

  • Learning resource for your students (10+ years old) – Combining history and art.
  • Healing blend of moving words from yesterday and vibrant  pictures of today.
  • Real life story of enemy combatants at Pearl Harbor who become friends.
  • Wonderful remembrance and gift from Hawaii and Pearl Harbor.
  • Dedicated copy a special way to honor military service of loved one.


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Renewal: At the Place of Black Tears book cover, author Jerome Kaufman Editor Blocks: